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How IPL Franchises Make Money? Complete Revenue Model

| Published on April 25, 2019

How IPL franchises make money?

The 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League is making headlines not just for the quality of cricket played, but for the never-before-seen money it has generated. IPL is as much a business as a cricket game. Valuation specialist Duff and Phelps valued the IPL brand worth $5.3 billion in 2017, a 26% increase from $4.2 billion in 2016. In an announcement, IPL is permitting corporate India into the changing area of Indian cricket. What’s more, it’s a victory. At the point when the biggest democracy on the planet is distraught about cricket, IPL is heaven for financial specialists.

The Business of Indian Premier League:


How IPL Franchises Make Money? Complete Revenue Model

More or less, this how cash streams starting with one gathering then onto the next amid the whole season which likewise demonstrates us diverse income fragments.

Beginning off with the administering committee of IPL(BCCI) offers organizations to have their very own establishments. The lawful substances that have bought establishment rights need to 10% of the buy sum each year to BCCI.

Of course, there were new groups and old groups were suspended yet for effortlessness, how about we take RCB which has been acquired by Vijay Mallya for $111m. So, he needs to pay $11.1m consistently to BCCI.

This is BCCI’s fundamental wellspring of gaining. Different wellsprings of pay are shared by BCCI and establishment groups in a particular proportion.

Revenue Stream

Media Rights


Ticket Sales


  • Media Rights:

Sony came in an agreement with IPL to purchase all of the media rights for $1.02b for a multiyear time allotment consenting to pay $100m reliably. Presently, this income is divided by the IPL gatherings and BCCI in a specific extent which has changed over the time span.

How IPL Franchises Make Money? Complete Revenue Model

Thus, for the underlying 3 years, BCCI got 20% and foundations got 80%(which is also detached among all foundations). Additionally, over the latest 4 years, BCCI got 40% leaving the remaining for establishments.

  • Sponsorships:

IPL has seen particular title bolsters for instance from DLF to Pepsi to Vivo and distinctive benefactors also. On a typical IPL creates around $80-$100m reliably from sponsorships. This aggregate at first used to get isolated in 60– 40 extends by IPL and the gatherings, anyway now it’s 50–50.

  • Ticket Sales:

Presently, this is isolated in 20– 80 extends by IPL and the gatherings. All of the teams control their home matches warmth and ticket income.

How IPL Franchises Make Money? Complete Revenue Model

  • Miscellaneous:

This incorporates:

Franchise Sponsorships

Prize Money

Merchandise Revenue

Hospitality Revenue

Various salary is commonly not imparted to IPL, however, just the establishments keep it. Establishment sponsorships are the greatest patron here. Each group has primary support and other partner supports. They additionally sell the product of their units and dress. The accommodation income is through slow down incomes in arena. The truth of the IPL is that it is splendid whenever made a decision from the business point of view. It’s a cricket competition that is grown basically as an important business property. It offers organizations a chance to forcefully showcase and publicize their organizations.

Written by- Ishan Dua

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