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How Influencers Promoted The New Momo Pizza Launched By Pizza Hut

| Published on October 31, 2021

Indian food culture is full of flavor and diversity in itself. Moreover, the Indian food culture has also been very adaptive. We have taken on many cuisines from different countries and regions and have made them our own.

And since Indians can be termed as foodies, these items play a very vital role in our day-to-day lives.

One such delicacy that has almost every Indian drooling over day and night is ‘Momo’. Momo which is a Nepali and a Tibetan dish has been pretty popular in India and in the regions straddling the Himalayas between South Asia and East Asia.

To turn this craze for momos into an opportunity, Pizza Hut has come up with an interesting idea it seems. The fast-food giant has launched India’s first-ever Momo Pizza calledMomo Miawhich is an epic fusion of two beloved dishes of Indians, Pizza, and Momos.

Akshar Pathak, who is an art director with Zomato, joined the long list of influences to promote the pizza on his social media account.

In the slides, Akshar can be seen in deep discussion with a friend finding it hard to decide what to eat. They just can’t come to a consensus on whether to order a pizza or momos.

While each one of them puts up their argument on how different both the dishes are, Pizza hut seems to have solved the argument for them.


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A post shared by Akshar Pathak (@aksharpathak)

However, Akshar is not the only social media influencer who was seen promoting this unique idea.

Rajeev Masand


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A post shared by Rajeev Masand (@rajeevmasand)

Ankusha Bhaguna


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A post shared by Ankush Bahuguna (@ankushbahuguna)

Gaurav Kapoor


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A post shared by Gaurav Kapoor (@gauravkpoor)

Naveen Richard


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A post shared by Naveen Richard (@naveen.richard)

Tag those friends who would love to try one of those momo-pizzas with you.

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