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How India’s makeO Became A Global Success In Just 3 Years Of Launch

| Published on April 17, 2023

Skin care has always been important but dental care has always been a crucial part when it comes to healthy living. For centuries, people have been spending a lot of time and money in attaining that perfect dental health.

With time, there have been great advancements in the field, and science has made it a lot easier to achieve that perfect smile and beautiful skin.

But it becomes really important to put your trust in the right brand. While there are many in the market, there is one Indian name that is making headlines all over.

makeO is India’s leading clinical beauty platform that has made some revolutionary changes with its highly trained experts and technological advancements. The brand was co-founded by Dr. Arpi Mehta, Dr. Manjul Jain, Dr. Pravin Shetty, and Dr. Anirudha Kale.

makeO is present in over 17 cities across India & 2 cities in UAE and has designed more than 2,00,000 smiles via at-home visits, partner clinics, and their flagship Experience Centres. makeO has two major brands under its umbrella, toothsi & skinnsi. 

makeO toothsi

Founded in 2018, makeO toothsi is India’s leading clear aligner brand. It offers a wide range of services like at-home scans, smile makeovers to solve issues such as teeth gap and teeth alignment, oral hygiene, and teeth whitening products.

In a very short span, makeO toothsi became a renowned name in India for its orthodontic care and has served hundreds and thousands of people.

The one aspect that marked as a pivot point was the way it digitized the entire process, giving a virtual plan to show customers how their teeth will be aligned over time.

Experts at makeO toothsi have been able to give a comfortable at-home experience by monitoring their patient’s progress remotely via makeO app.

The brand introduced India’s first-ever robotic aligner trimming machine that has been responsible for ultimate precision and comfort for clear aligners.

To make a more powerful impact on its customers, the brand has onboarded India’s power couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as its brand ambassadors.

makeO skinnsi

makeO skinnsi is a very young brand under the makeO family,  and was founded in 2021. While the brand is fairly new, the experts and dermatologists involved in making it a success have over 10+ years of experience in the field.

Laser hair reduction (LHR), hydra facial & acne treatment services are some of the many services offered by the makeO skinnsi.

Talking about revolutionizing skin care treatments, makeO skinnsi has modern technology that offers treatments such as the quadruple wavelength laser that’s equipped with ice-cool technology, chemical peels, and Micro-Needling Radio Frequency. The brand offers at-home services, making the experience as comfortable as possible.

Recent Success

makeO has been making headlines recently after it announced its takeover of Smileneo, a renowned health tech company in the Middle East. With this acquisition, makeO has become the first licensed direct-to-consumer teeth-straightening startup.

Talking about the acquisition, Dr. Arpi Mehta, CEO, and co-founder, makeO, said, “Having garnered strong market leadership in the Indian self-care industry, this acquisition marks our foray into the MENA region where aesthetic dentistry is seeing massive growth due to new government policies in favor of dental services and consumers’ increased interest in oral health. Smileneo’s high-quality medical and tech-driven approach, as well as its footprint and expertise in the region, will accelerate our growth ambitions and materialize our vision to expand beyond India. With this acquisition, we will not only be able to enter the Middle East but also have a basis for further expansion to South Asia & Africa.”

The amount of acquisition is yet to be disclosed but the move has ensured that makeO is moving towards leading the industry not just in India but on a global scale as well.

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