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How India’s Google Search Trends Have Changed During Lockdown

| Published on May 3, 2020

One industry that Lockdown has made more popular than ever is the Digital industry. The whole country is using Internet and consuming content. Whether it is binge-watching TV series, reading books, listening to Audiobooks or searching on Google, everything has seen historical growth.

Recently Google India released a report named ‘What is India search for: Insights for Brands Report’, and below are some key takeaways from it.

Search for immunity boosters up 500%

Search queries related health category have grown most. People are now more interested to boost their “immunity” (+500%). Searches for vitamin C have grown by over 150% in recent weeks and queries for herbs “गिलोय” (Giloy) (+380%) and Ayurvedic home remedies like (Kadha) (+90%) are also on rise.

Searches for paying bills online up

With lockdown, cash transactions have decreased big time leading to Searches like “How to pay electric bill online” (+180%) have seen rise.

Finance related searches are up

Google has seen an increase for searches like “overnight mutual funds” (411%) and “mutual funds to invest now” (249%). This shows that people are now relying on online platforms to gain knowledge about financial goals

Searches for ‘consult doctor online’, ‘free video dating’ on rise

India’s youth now craves for on-demand services. This mindset has lead to growth in searches for “consult doctor online” (+60%), “collaborative software” (+40%), and “free video dating” (+70%).

Work From Home related searches on rise

Because of lockdown, a large section of working people are now working from home and they are facing new problems. This made people search more for tips to stay productive while working from home and managing work-life balance.

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