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How Brands Pranked Their Consumers With Crazy Stuff This April Fool’s Day

| Published on April 1, 2019

April Fool’s Day comes with a lot of crazy stuff. People try to prank each other and a lot of us do fall into the plan. Slowly but gradually, Indian brands have also learned the lesson to surprise their audience and the level of craziness in increasing with every passing year. Last year was full of so many wonderful pranks by popular brands such as Yatra, Ola, Uber, iXigo, FreeCharge, Zomato, Amazon India, among many more and this year is no different with brands latching on the opportunity to amaze the online audience. Here’s how brands played the prank game this year:


Snapdeal planned a smart strategy and came up with the prank of launching a special shirt which can change colors within no time. Regular social media posts made it look real and a lot of online users did fell into the trap and tried prebooking the shirt.


Like past few years, Ola came up with the idea of announcing a new service. This year it was Ola Restrooms where they announced about a service to find a clean loo at any point of time and place. A brand film showcases situations where people are stuck out of the loo and Ola Restroom – a mobile toilet which is spacious and clean helps them “underpressure”.


The International Cricket Council announced about making some big changes to the rules in Test Cricket.

Kingfisher Beer

This is not the first time that Kingfisher launched a prank on April fools day. The beer brand announced about launching a “revolutionary” Beer Instant Mix. The brand film explained the logistical issues that people have with storing beers, more so for a house party and the process of making the instant mix (the powdered beer).


Google decided to make it emotional by playing the nostalgia card. Google temporarily added a version of the Snakes game into its Google Maps app and declared that the game will soon be available to play on Android and iOS users around the world.


OnePlus came up with a post on twitter which shows the silhouette of a car with the caption, ‘Coming Soon.’


Tinder knows its target audience and prefers using humor to connect with them. The online dating app announced about a new feature named Tinder Height Verification Badge.

Which one amazed you the most among all these? Let us know in the comments section.

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