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How IKEA Promotes Spicing Up Your Home Life With Its Creative Valentine’s Day Campaigns

| Published on February 24, 2023

A few days ago, the multichannel Swedish retailer of home furnishings presents a creative valentine’s day post.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and home furnishings that elicit our deepest feelings, our favourite home furnishings store asks fans to delve deeply and express some public opinions with the Love that you are keeping it wrapped this Valentine’s Day!.

IKEA’s Valentine’s Day postings range from delightfully family-friendly to sensually provocative. The furniture company comes up with some…unusual…ways to use its items every year, and this season is no exception. Although there are gifts from all across the world, IKEA Singapore’s Instagram post this year is the best:


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IKEA Singapore posted the picture and captioned, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “We’ve got it covered.” Yet unlike a specific silicone-coated shield, these sheaths are washable and reusable.

While many businesses profit from Valentine’s Day, few do it as well year after year as IKEA. The Swedish people clearly have a thorough understanding of what their audience could be up to by their selection of IKEA items that might be handy on this night of any and all nights. Just take a look at some of their earlier postings, like this one from 2019:

For Valentine’s Day, Ikea in Singapore released this picture of two chairs acting strangely. The image was circulated on social media platforms and displayed in shops.

They are love seats right now.

Ikea’s Valentine’s Day advertising initiatives succeed once more. This one displays two dessert spoons curled up next to each other in a bed. It resembles “spooning,” which is when you embrace your lover from behind. It may indicate something else, though you’ll have to use your imagination for that.

So, what do think about these amazing and creative Valentine’s Day campaigns posted by IKEA?

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