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How HubSpot Is Leading An Industry That It Created

| Published on December 9, 2022

The year 2006 saw two dynamic MIT Grad students Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan founded HubSpot, a software platform designed to help a company market and sell more constructively.

How HubSpot Is Leading An Industry That It Created

And till today, more than 30,000 companies around the globe have used the companies’ services, in order to expedite their sales and bring in revenue.

What does HubSpot do?

How HubSpot Is Leading An Industry That It Created

HubSpot offers CRM and tools that empower sales. But the feather in the cap is HubSpot Marketing. It facilitates organizations in organizing all the marketing tools they use under one roof, which share the same data. This helps marketers in increasing website traffic, converting visitors to leads, and also encouraging conversions thereby gaining ROI.

HubSpot provides website builder services right from designing to building, modifying, and hosting with the help of IT support or designers. Customization and personalization are key. They also offer timely performance and improvement mapping for each website page.

The company offers software that facilitates making and publishing blogs and optimizing them with keywords. Again, a blog’s influence is measured and results are provided so as to encourage improvement for the next piece.

Just like YouTube and Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, HubSpot Ad’s add-on helps measure impressions, clicks, leads, customers, and even ROI.

HubSpot’s marketing automation tools help right from designing to executing processes.

Apart from these, email marketing services, lead management services, and services that involve converting visitors to leads are highlights of HubSpot’s offerings. It also offers social media marketing services and reporting services of a company’s marketing efforts using integrated databases.

With so much on their hands, what made HubSpot, a numero uno name in the industry?

Reasons why HubSpot leads

One concept that helped HubSpot become a leader is its use of ‘pull marketing. While most of the marketing we witness is aimed at pushing products and services toward a customer (interruption marketing).

HubSpot created a platform that aimed to provide quality content and engagement methods to pull customers or readers, helping companies write blog posts, write eBooks, and share content on social media.

Interruption marketing is costlier making companies spend a significant amount on them. However, a blog post invited multiple clicks without any additional cost.

How HubSpot Is Leading An Industry That It Created

A social media post may likely attract more audiences and speak to them in a language that a banner ad wouldn’t. And this strategic approach of creating valuable content according to the needs of your customer refers to ‘inbound marketing.

HubSpot, one of the biggest SaaS companies in the world, is often referred to as the force behind it.

While most companies in the world would take a new marketing approach and apply it to market an existing product. HubSpot used the marketing strategy to convert it into money.

They took a number of already existing methods like eBooks, blogging, email marketing, etc. And offered it as a bunch of services, rebranding it as a new way of doing things that would help derive accelerated results.

Being valued at $22.72 billion in 2022 is no joke. Especially when you are a company that first created the industry and is now at the forefront.

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