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How Hotstar Achieved Attention Of Indians Using Using Deliberate Errors For GOT

| Published on May 22, 2019

Are you a big fan of Game of Thrones? Even if not, it is the talk of the town at present. Tweets and social media posts are filled with content on this globally renowned TV Series and India is no different.

The End is Here!

GoT fans, already excited? Should be. When the whole social platform is talking about the finale Season 8, the OTT platform released a series of posters designed alike unbranded advertisements, which people mostly encounter in the auto rickshaws, street walls or local inter-state roadways buses.

These posters are very similar to the ones that are used to attract people for things such as losing weight, getting rid of drinking habits, increasing height and others.

The Creative head – Social Kinnect

Funny isn’t it? The whole designing and concept were done by Social Kinnect and interestingly, the campaign is done in the Hindi language which has already grabbed a lot of attention. The posters actually give desi effects to the six popular characters of Game of Thrones including Arya Stark, Brienne, Cersei, Daenerys, John Snow, and Tormund, highlighting their individual skills.

But, is it all that makes it interesting? Seems so, but there’s more to it. Let us get to know more about it.

The intentional errors that played the game!

The grammatical and spelling errors in those creatives are also a point of attraction. It seemed to be as if it was a case of lack of Hindi copywriters in the mainstream advertising but the truth was something else.

At reaching out to Hotstar Premium and Social Kinnect, they claimed that those errors were a result of a conscious decision, in other words, it was intentional. Confused? Excitingly, their point of reference for these ads were the local Bengali Baba and Tantrik ads that we often encounter on the streets filled with grammatical errors.

A successful marketing gimmick

This was done in order to give the campaign a rustic and authentic feel and the whole thing was a part of ‘Guerrilla Advertising’ campaign.

Not only the grammar but also the design was made in sync with their reference street ads in order to give Game of Thrones an organic desi feel.

The LinkedIn Fame

Amazingly, when the campaign was released on LinkedIn, several people resorted to pointing out errors and the funny thing was that neither the agency nor the brand clarified the reason for this error, confirming that letting the error-filled posters out on social media was a part of the strategy.

The whole idea behind this was to use the market as a market. A great way to market your product and here the product is the final season of GoT. If you are targeting the Indian market, using the lingo, tone, tenor, and decibel that emanates a rustic guy in the marketplace, is a very good strategy.

Well, to conclude we all can just say, ‘What a play, Hotstar!’ *Applauds*

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