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How Free Promotion During Elections Has Helped Burnol

| Published on May 24, 2019

The 2019 election result are finally out and BJP has once again become the ruling party. What made this election different was social media played a huge role in the success of BJP. Not only for BJP, but social media also helped Burnol, the household burn-relief from Dr. Morepen to gain attention of online audience without spending anything.


Shares of Burnol maker Dr. Morepeen Lab rose up to Rs 22.20 from 19.90 rupees, closing at 20.15 at the eve of election results. This happened because on 19th and 20th Burnol went viral on social media as online users made memes using Burnol as the solution for feelings of envy, jealousy or even disappointment.

People began to advise each other about using Burnol. On Thursday, when counting began, a screenshot of booming shares of this company on social media went viral once again. People were joking about it using fake images but the prices of shares actually rose 8%. Interestingly, the company has also seen a significant increase in sales in the election period. The brand also saw a huge spike in Google search queries for Burnol. Here are some Burnol tweets that will make your day:





Now, this is an interesting case that shows the impact social media memes can have on the brand image and sales of a product.

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