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How ‘Face Masks’ Is Rs 4000 Crore Business Opportunity For India

| Published on May 15, 2020

With the majority of the world under lockdown due to the pandemic, the global economy has been affected severely. That being said, almost all the sectors have been hit and are struggling to cope up. Indian Government has recently announced a financial package to help boost up our economy as well.

But there is one product that has seen a surge in demand due to the pandemic and that is of the face masks. What started off as a mere precautionary tool has become mandatory in the fight with the COVID19.

This has evidently given way for a business opportunity with a demand base higher than ever. From government and non-government enterprises to private apparel boutiques almost everyone has tapped into the market and has been selling face masks in large quantities. The product which was once manufactured bu only medical products manufacturers can be seen being made in all sorts of factories.

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Apparel manufacturers who are unable to find a demand for their products have shifted to manufacturing masks as a means to cope up with the current situation and even make the most out of it.

More so, many fashion brands have also tried to tap the market and have started manufacturing masks with their own unique style and design.

Ritu Kumar, a very renowned name in the fashion industry has also shared that their Gurugram unit is manufacturing masks currently. Apart from it, Peter England, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, and Chumbak have also introduced their latest range of masks that are available matching with your shirts or in quirky prints.


As a matter of fact, Economic Times has reported that the Indian textile manufacturers, who lost almost their entire summer export business, are now receiving huge inquiries about immediate supplies of at least 500 million non-surgical fashion masks from leading apparel brands of Europe and the US. This is a business opportunity worth Rs 4,000 crore ($527 million) over the next year and can employ 100,000 workers, industry representatives said.



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