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How Cyrus Poonawalla, The Vaccine King, Made His Wealth Reach $1.5 Billion

| Published on June 29, 2020

Cyrus Poonawalla is currently the 86th richest man in the world, as his wealth shot up to $1.5 billion, especially during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to his Serum Institute of India. His company manufactures some of the world’s most reputed vaccines, and no wonder the vaccine king has finally emerged as one of the fastest-growing billionaires in the world.

Cyrus Poonawalla Buys Lincoln House For A Whopping Rs 750 Crore | HuffPost  India

How Has The Serum Institute of India Doubled Its Income?

As of last month, Cyrus Poonawalla’s company has managed to sign a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture 1 billion doses of the new coronavirus vaccine that will help cure a number of patients. It will be a great sight to see the curve flatten in India, all the more now since life is slowly getting back to normal.

Who Are The Other Indian Billionaires?

As we’re all certain, Mukesh Ambani still stands as the richest person in India, and the eighth richest in the world as of May 2020. The other Indians to reach the billionaire ranking in the world include,

  • Cyrus Poonawalla
  • Gautam Adani
  • Shiv Nadar

Source: Next Big Brand


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