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How Coronavirus Has Changed The Way We Use Internet

| Published on April 17, 2020

In the last month, we all have been a victim of the lockdown across countries due to the novel coronavirus. It will take a while for this deadly pandemic to subside and it is important for us to stay home. So while we’re at it, our internet consumption has definitely increased more than usual, as we alternate between work and leisure. But did you know that it has also changed the way we use the internet?

More Laptop Usage, Fewer Phones

Since most of us are working from home, it is ideal for us to sit in front of our laptops or PCs for at least 10 hours a day to finish our daily tasks. The work from a home culture has taken a rapid hit, as companies strive to make the work culture from home thriving for everything to get sorted. In addition to this, families are also using laptops to watch movies together or get on video calls with the rest of the family all over the world. What a fun way to stay together even while being miles apart?

Video Conferencing Has Become a Regular Event

Companies are striving hard in communicating with the entire team over video calls than emails and phone conversations. It is easy to have the whole team together at one place over a video call. The ease of communication increases as people stay rigid with their schedules and dress appropriately for work, even when it is being conducted from home. A lot of applications are being downloaded daily to help these video calls take place.

Consumption of Local or National News Over Movies/Sports

News portals have immense viewership since the last month as people refresh the webpage every hour to know about something new. Most of the major sporting events have been cancelled across the world. Movies are banned as well as public properties are out of bounds for everyone’s safety. Keeping up to date with the recent news is the only way to survive through this crisis.

How are you killing time during this quarantine period?

Source: India Times

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