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How Condom Brands Are Using Trending Movies For Their Marketing

| Published on January 27, 2020

The most fascinating and engaging content has been observed coming from the Condom Making companies that never fail to amaze the audience with the kind of posts they curate. From funny to punny, they leave nothing!

The recent trend assimilated by brands such as Durex, Skore, Manforce, and Playgard is the theme and popular dialogues of Bollywood movies including their poster designs. they work on relating their catchwords into something condom-ish.

Condom Brands Driving Content From Bollywood!

There is no doubt the topic of condoms still has a touch of hesitance in India but the marketing companies still manage to create content that is not only engrossing but syncs with the young minds.

Merging their posters with that of Bollywood movies has resulted in a lot of engagement and appreciation for the companies. Let’s take a look at different names with their unique posts being shared on social media such as Instagram.

Skore India

Skore’s most creatives have been noticed to be designed around Bollywood movie titles giving them a pinch of what they sell along with arising that security that they provide with their product.

Another example of their creation is in relation to the poster of Ayushman’s recent film Bala with a blend of a message that “she won’t care!” 😉


Durex India

Durex has, too, driven out ideas from Hollywood film taglines. They keep the size of the content readable and make sure the reader does not only want to miss out but craves for more!
Here’s another one!


The Playgard marketing emphasizes strongly on the variety of their dotted condoms. They have experimented with popular movie dialogues in their posters which are extremely humorous.

And some of the content has been curated from Sanju!

Manforce India

Manforce does not get indulged in the film posters or catchphrases much but whenever it does, it makes sure it gets the maximum engagement. Here are some of Manforce’s marketing posters.

A reference from Star Wars!

Well, it’s always pleasing to see such innovative yet relatable marketing ideas implemented in such a distinctive manner. Tell us which brand do you use? 😉

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