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Look How CARS 24 Got Caught In Their Latest Ad With A Wrong Communication

| Published on October 27, 2018

The Need for Right Communication

Well, in this fast-paced world, where people don’t have time and the interest span is very short, sometimes brands get carried away. In order to just connect with the audience, they release ads, without thinking deeper about the key communication and take out from the ad.

CARS 24 Ad

This ad from CARS 24 is just the example we need. In this ad, Mandira Bedi is conveniently talking about the ease of selling a car at CARS 24. She is seen saying that her car started giving trouble and that is the reason she decided to sell it. But as soon as she uploaded on some site, she started getting too many unreasonable calls and then she found out that it’s very easy and hassle-free to sell a car on CARS 24. The moment you walk into a CARS 24 outlet, within minutes you can sell your car, receive money and not even bother about the RC transfers. So far so good, but hey wait a minute, isn’t CARS 24 only focusing on the fact that it is easy to sell a car with them, but what when I want to buy this second-hand car from CARS 24? No, I will not because the cars they are selling have troubles, right?


How Communication Went Wrong

Yes, this is where the communication plays a devil. CARS 24 would also be selling these cars to someone right? What about that side of the business? Selling is convenient, but they did not focus on the second-hand car-buying factor for the consumers. They are themselves communicating that customers whose cars started giving them troubles sell their cars at CARS 24 and hence killing their own prospects of selling those cars further. ‘Car Bechni Ho Toh CARS 24, Par Kharidni Ho Toh Kahin Aur’


This ad clearly showcases how a shallow thinking can damage the brand image. When going out with mediums such as television ads, which are watched every now and then and that too by a large number of audiences, one should be very careful of the communication.

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