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Here’s All You Need to Know About Freecharge’s ‘Pay Later’ Option

| Published on May 30, 2021

Do you not have cash at hand and want to purchase essentials? The digital payments app, Freecharge just launched its ‘Pay Later’ service this week which enables you to pay your dues at a later date for small-ticket purchases. All of these purchases are accounted for in a month after which you have the option to pay as feasible by the end of it.

The CEO, Siddharth Mehta, mentioned how this move allows their users to engage more with the application. A credit limit is assigned to every customer and increases depending on the usage history and how soon the dues are paid off.

Pay Later will be useful for users to utilize on Freecharge, as well as more than 10,000 merchant platforms. It is a great move for those who want to pay off their electricity bills on time, or order food, pay off their mobile bills, and more.

The feature will not even ask you to save your card details. A one-click procedure has been enabled for customers to pay off the dues without saving their mobile OTPs or card details on the app. It will be a great way to promote hassle-free payments.

Wondering how to use Pay Later on Freecharge? Login to the wallet to start today.

Freecharge enables you to,

  1. Seamlessly make transactions in India through different merchant platforms
  2. Gain benefits and offers for electricity and mobile bills
  3. Earn cash back on every purchase

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