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How Burger King’s India Sales Increased By 66% In 2019.

| Published on October 8, 2019

    The US-based fast-food brand Burger King had posted a 66 % growth in sales in India in the year 2019.

    The brand significantly narrowed losses on the back of aggressive expansion, entry-level pricing and largest vegetarian menu within global quick-service restaurant chains.

    Burger King entered the Indian market in 2014 posted sales of Rs 644 crore in FY18-19 while its losses reduced to Rs 16 crore.

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    A year ago, it had sales of Rs 389 crore with a net loss of Rs 63 crore, data sourced from Veratech Intelligence showed. For Burger King, India has been the fastest-growing market in terms of store expansion.

    Last fiscal, it added about 58 stores, taking the store count to 187.

    Rajeev Varma, CEO, Burger King India said, “Even before we started the first restaurant, we were clear that Burger King’s offerings need to be truly Indian. Our menu width means we are able to offer burgers that cater to the Indian palate and attract customers looking for everyday value.”

    He also added, “In the last five years, we have focused on a strong expansion plan through strategic investment in brand building and national supply chain development and operational efficiencies.”

    This aggression helped Burger King outpace US rival Starbucks in terms of revenues despite a two-year lag in India entry.

    According to Economic Times, a month ago, it received a fresh capital infusion of Rs 45 crore and a loan facility of Rs 150 crore from parent Everstone Group. The firm raised Rs 612 crore till now, of which Rs 100 crore was raised last fiscal.

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