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How Brands Expressed Their Creativity With #FaceApp Challenge

| Published on July 19, 2019

The trend of challenges has taken social media by the storm. From #IceBucketChallenge to now #FaceAppChallenge social media seems to have come a long way. 

Rightly timed after the recent success of #BottleCapChallenge social media saw a similar trend with the #FaceAppChallenge. The augmented reality powered FaceApp which was launched in 2017 recently created a stir when celebrities including stars from Bollywood and Hollywood sportingly shared their sagging images on Twitter and Instagram. 

Making the most of the trend brands successfully indulged in some moment marketing and we couldn’t be more impressed. Over the period moment marketing has become a means of engaging with the audience and build a brand recall value. 

According to the market researchers, “these challenges are a quick means to gain user engagement” and the trend won’t be dying out anytime soon. They also believe that social media will in fact see new challenges being created and leveraged by brands.  

Here’s how our favourite brands impressed us with their moment marketing on social media:


Standard Chartered

Hotstar Premium

Berger Paints



FaceApp which was struggling to survive the market has got instant results with over 10 million downloads all thanks to the trending challenge. Also the #faceappchallenge has recorded over 28.1k impressions on Twitter already. 

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