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How Brands Are Raising Awareness To Fight Against COVID-19

| Published on March 18, 2020

An Indian mystic said a few days ago, “When calamities come our way there are many ways to handle it. Let’s handle it gracefully.

Well, something similar many brands are trying to do. They are handling it gracefully.

It is the time when the whole world is fighting against the pandemic. And when it actually comes to one’s doorstep, one realises what devastation this pandemic has caused.

Above all, there is a lot of negativity all around concerning coronavirus. In this time of crisis, one needs some support, some hope, some compassion to fight the virus.

You are all hearing all sorts of things about COVID-19. Now, let’s just see how these brands rise against COVID-19 and spread positivity* instead of negativity.

Prudential Singapore – #DOgood

Carousell – #ChooseToGive

Western Union – Behind Every Mask There Is A Heart

AIA Singapore

Mediacorp- #StrongerTogether

As Indian mystic said, “Some handle calamities in a nasty way. Some handle it gracefully.

So why not handle it gracefully and be polite and kind to others.

Note: Don’t misinterpret positivity with overlooking precautionary measures. Adopting all the precautionary measures and health guidelines is sensibility but spreading hopelessness is obviously stupidity.

WHO Guidelines


Australian Government Department of Health – Good Hygiene Starts Here


If you find this information useful and worthy, share it with your friends and family to spread some positivity in this time of acute crisis.

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