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How Adidas Originals Is Drawing Audience Attention Using Experiential Marketing

| Published on March 27, 2019

The sportswear brand- Adidas Originals introduces Creators Collective and Ghost Drop as major experiential concepts travelling to major target cities. The brand is influencing a huge crowd by inventing various experiential marketing concepts providing customers a better experience of the brand and its products.

How is the concept advantageous for the brand?

Over the years, experiential marketing has been playing a significant role by acting as major marketing tool for Adidas in maximizing purchases from existing customers along with the lapsed customers, also encouraging repeat purchase.

What is the ‘added’ effort in expanding the Brand’s influence?

Recently a ‘Ghost Drop’ event has been hosted by the brand acting a part of Experiential marketing initiative to increase consumer engagement with the brand. The event was aimed at creating publicity around ‘mystery items’ that enabled the customers to win from the brand by participating in a raffle contest across multiple brand outlets in Mumbai. Finally, the brand had over 300 sneaker-heads across the city by dropping ‘ghost’ items as their main motive was to win hype ‘mystery’ products, thereby celebrating street style culture.

The sneaker drives the city crazy by bonding with games, food, and music, and cheered for the trefoil as the coveted ‘ghosts’ were dropped at each venue. Further Adidas focuses on the personal and direct involvement of influencers in the actual designing process. The brand ensures its collaborations to be entirely authentic rather than sales driven.

What are other measures?

Previous year in the month of August, the brand introduced the concept of ‘Creators Collective’ in India, along with the launch of Falcon, an edgy women-focused sneaker, based on the ’90s pop culture. The first edition involved over 10 creative minds from the worlds of fashion, style, art, and lifestyle, to assemble at the ‘makers- lab’ and rediscover the Falcon by customizing a 3D version of the shoe.

The initiative Creators Collective, a monthly consumer-led activation which is anchored by a creator, plays a role in inviting and engaging with customers and also by conducting workshops pertaining to beat-boxing, photography and street art. Achieving such a goal is solely depended on unfolding one’s creativity.

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What’s the impact across the country?

The concept has spread over the country like fire, earning wonderful response and it even led the concept to be introduced at the brand’s Brigade Store in Bengaluru.

We are totally loving this and certainly, sneaker-heads around the globe are loving it too!

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