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How Adda52.Com Created Buzz With #KhelFameKa Campaign Using Influencer Marketing

| Published on August 8, 2021

The online gaming industry has become one of the most popular industries in a very short span of time. Many companies have entered the market and have been offering people the best user experience possible.
While many gaming apps have a similar concept, one app is uniquely known to be a one-stop destination for all the poker players in the country.
Founded in 2011, by Anuj Gupta and Mohit Agarwal, is India’s leading online poker and card games site with a user-friendly advanced technology that provides a seamless gaming experience.

Adda52 #KhelFameKa

The gaming giant is currently holding the largest online poker tournament in the country for one and all. Started on August 1, the tournament has become the most talked-about online event as the winner will receive Rs 25 crores GTD.
To market the tournament, has not left any stone unturned. The campaign #KhelFameKa is viral on social media as the company has made a point to collaborate with numerous social media influencers to gain the desired reach.
Social media marketing is a must for any big brand in today’s era. Following the trend, has reached many famous social media influencers who are marketing the campaign with their large fan following.

The Adventures of Chintu & Bhaiyya

The Great Khali, who has been in focus quite recently for the engagement he gets on his Instagram account was a part of this campaign. The recent debacle revolving around his comments section was blended into the video and the video, released on the IGTV channel of his Instagram account.


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Khali shows how he is getting trained from his BADA BHAI and threatens all the ones who heckle in his comments section, warning them to stay cautious. The mini series titled as The Adventures of Chintu & Bhaiya easily caught the eye of the audience with its playful narration. The campaign definitely got the eyeballs through the large audience that The Great Khali reaches out to and proved to play a pivotal role in marketing #KhelKaFame.

Other notable social media personalities who were also a part of the campaign include the likes of Siddharth Nigam, Vipul Goyal and Abhishek Malhan to name a few.

RJ Abhinav


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Siddharth Nigam


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Vipul Goyal


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Abhishek Malhan


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Prerna Malhan

All in all, Adda52 has been successful in creating a buzz for the World Poker Tour 2021. The tournament which is currently underway will end on August 30, 2021. People are now anticipating to watch who comes out as a winner of the event.

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