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How A Tweet Saved The Oldest Indian Restaurant In East London

| Published on October 4, 2020

The Restaurant industry was one of the many industries that were hit rock bottom during the pandemic and the lockdown imposed due to it. Even after the lockdown was lifted, not many people were keen to visit their favorite pubs & restaurants whereas in many countries there were opened with great restraint and strict regulations.

Many brands have been taking measures in terms of both safety and marketing to ensure that more people visit their place and yet feel safe to do so. However, many have been struggling to stay afloat.


One such incidence came to light when a woman of Indian origin in London, Mehnaz, took to Twitter, urging people to visit the oldest Indian restaurant in East London which was struggling to stay in business due to the pandemic.

The Halal Restaurant was established in 1939 by Mehnaz’s grandfather Usman Abubacker and is run by his father now. The restaurant was having no customers since the pandemic had hit. But once Mehnaz posted her appeal online, the response was overwhelming.

Mehnaz had even posted the address of the restaurant with the pictures of some scrumptious dishes they serve. Her story quickly went viral and people took notice of her plea. As per many reports, the restaurant witnessed a good number of customers coming in regularly.

Later Mehnaz posted that their restaurant even got featured on BBC London News which was nothing short of a dream come true.

Many people showed their support online and vowed to visit the restaurant soon. While many tweeted how they have already tried the food and simply found it to be amazing.




And the tweets of sheer love and support kept on flooding in. The place has since been doing well and the owners have put in necessary precautions considering social distancing and hygiene.

This shows how powerful social media is. Just one post online and the word spreads like a wildfire. In this case, social media saved the oldest Indian restaurant to go out of business.

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