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How A Small Trader Built Rs 50 Crore Turnover Sanitaryware Business: The Story of Rajasthani Boy

| Published on January 29, 2020

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The story of Vinay Jain, a Rajasthani boy, reminds me of this proverb.

Vinay came to Delhi in 2003 from Bhiwadi, Rajasthan after his graduation in commerce from Rajasthan University. This young 21-year-old boy had Rs 2 lakh in his pockets and big dreams in the heart. And that’s how the story of building a Rs 50 crore turnover sanitaryware, kitchenware and bathware company, Grafdoer, started.

The Start

After setting foot in Delhi, Vinay started talking to locals in the markets. And he saw a great opportunity in bathware and sanitaryware industry. He noticed that the bathware and sanitaryware market was largely unorganized. So he decided to do something in this industry and became a trader of sanitaryware and bathware. He set up Emm Kay Industries, a trading company in Chawri Bazar in 2003 and started trading bath fittings such as faucets and showers.

Desire Meets Need

From the very first day, Vinay wanted to do something big, but lack of resources didn’t make it happen. But in some corner of heart, there was a desire to do something big. And that desire found expression when he saw an opening to fulfil its desire.

Vinay always wanted to set up his own manufacturing facility of sanitaryware and bathware as the quality of accessories he sold was not up to the mark, but he did not have enough capital. He traded bathware for three years after setting up Emm Kay Industries in Chawri Bazar. And one day he came to know that a supplier was selling his manufacturing business due to loses, but no one was willing to buy it as the business was suffering huge losses.
Vinay saw this as an opportunity, analysed the business, and owned the manufacturing business of supplier in 2006 as it had the potential to become a profitable business.

Wasn’t A Smooth Road

Vinay didn’t have money to buy the business, but it was too good offer to refuse. So he found the way out. He told the supplier to pay the money in instalments. The supplier agreed to it as he did not have any buyers and was in urgent need to sell the business. So it was a win-win situation for both. Vinay started working on a sick unit and paid the amount in instalments.

Rs 50 Crore Annual Turnover Company

Vinay started working and expanded his 12-member team of skilled workers to over 300 people, and started manufacturing bath fittings in different price ranges, such as from economy to luxury. He slowly built a large distributor network of dealers and kept improving the manufacturing process.
In 2010, Vinay started manufacturing sanitaryware, and established a parent company, VMS Bathware, and started another manufacturing unit in his hometown of Bhiwadi in the same year.


Vinay built up a distributor network of 150 dealers who they sold to directly, and another 700 to 800 dealers who they reached through distributors.
In 2019, Vinay decided to go big with the launch of Grafdoer, a brand that offers all the bathware, sanitaryware, kitchenware and accessories they manufacture both for enterprises and residential customers.
Today, Grafdoer is a Rs 50 crore turnover company and is striving to reach Rs 100 crore turnover as per the Vinay Jain.
So this was the story of Vinay Jain, founder, Grafdoer VMS Bathware PVT. Ltd.

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