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2 minutes read

How A Series Of Tweets Made Tesla’s Stock Fall 10% In Quick Time

| Published on May 2, 2020

Elon Musk is surely someone that a lot of people look upto as an idol. Still, there are many who feels that he is crazy and he has proved this many times with his tweets. The importance of what he tweets can be guessed by the fact that there have been occasions when Tesla has seen an abrupt rise or fall in its stock price just because of what Elon Musk tweeted.

One such similar incident happened recently due to a series of tweets from Musk on Friday. First, he wrote about selling most of his physical possessions.

Then after a span of a minute, he came up with a tweet saying that the price of Tesla stock is too high.

This was just the start, as Musk came up with more surprising tweets:

Later, he tweeted that his girlfriend was mad at him.

What happened after this is very interesting as Tesla’s stock fell sharply. As Musk had written that Tesla stock price was too high, people would have seen this as a signal that its price will decrease and they went for selling off.

As expected, Netizens came up with some hilarious replies to Musk’s tweets. Have a look at some of them:



This guy really can change things within minutes. What you think?

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