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How A Girl’s Presentation About Her Cat Convinced Microsoft As Well

| Published on August 30, 2020

Have you ever wanted a pet so bad, you’ve tried to convince them in every way possible? Such was the scene of this Canadian school girl who desperately wanted a cat and made a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents. Her dad, Christopher Doyle, took to Twitter to share his experience when his daughter created a detailed presentation to prove how wonderful and convenient cats are so that the family could have it.

Doyle also pointed out how his daughter was enjoying this new activity and was quite involved in the same. Have you ever gone this far? He also was overwhelmed with the response he got from Twitter, including suggestions by fellow parents about what he should do if he and his wife is against the idea.

A number of people pointed out that his daughter was definitely putting forth a strong point and hence it was necessary for him to finally get a cat! At least she deserves something for her effort and bravery that she’s put forth! Some even explained how cats are so great for the house and spread diversity about how cats make perfect companions. They also explained how having a pet will help his daughter raise awareness about being kind to animals and how they can be treated as family members as well.


Do you own a cat or know anyone who does? How is the experience with them?

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