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Hotstar Site Crashes On Game Of Thrones Premier Leaving Users In Anger!

| Published on July 19, 2017

Winter finally arrived on this part of the world with the premiers of the series Game Of Thrones on 17th July 2017. Though Hotstar had done it all by promoting the show timings on social media to billboards still problems lurked on the site during the D-day!

The show is quite popular among the masses and people in India too wee waiting for long for the first episode of the show to be telecasted soon. Hotstar was to air the episode at 7:30 am, mere hours after its US broadcast. This was the legal soonest way that they could watch the show on air as Star World would telecast it at 11 pm on Tuesday.

So they advertised much against their illegal rivals Torrents. But the old and new gods had some other plans. Users complained of the site not working when they logged in at 7:30am.

A Reddit user said,

“Playback issues!! Any premium user able to stream on hotstar? I am getting ACN_3005 error”

Another one complained,

“I bought premium so that I could watch the episode as soon as possible. Kept getting this error instead, and had to torrent the episode. Never using Hotstar again :/”

Users also took too social media to complain and pose hatred towards the site.

Well reasons why this was down is yet to be known officially. Though Torrent is illegal but still it has huge popularity and liking and also was reported to that it came up with episodes by 6:55 am much earlier than Hotstar without any such problems.

Hotstar CEO Ajit Mohan,said

“As a service, we are proud that we have built a platform that can handle big surges in viewership. This morning, however, we faced an unprecedented surge in interest around the opening of the new season of Game of Thrones which resulted in a service disruption of about 8 minutes. We are deeply apologetic for the service disruption”

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