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Man Forgets His Phone & Wallet In OLA Auto. Driver’s Honesty Is Winning Hearts Online

| Published on March 16, 2021

Ever lost a valuable item in a cab, auto, or rickshaw? It might’ve happened to you on several occasions, and more often than not, your items are never returned back to you. Call it greed or just a lack of interest to go that extra mile, most public vehicle drivers do not display honesty to return valuables like gadgets, jewelry, and money back to the passengers. However, this auto driver from Bhubaneswar makes you realize that there is still some hope for the world.

Jaganath Patra is associated with Ola Cabs as an auto driver. His recent display of honesty has been winning the Internet’s heart through a post shared by his passenger, Sushanta Sahoo, whose wallet and mobile phone was returned back to him by Patra.

Sahoo took to Twitter to share his experience and express his gratitude. In addition to returning his wallet, Patra refused to take additional money as a reward for returning Sahoo’s precious belongings. A man with a golden heart indeed!

This tweet has already received more than 5000 likes!

Despite his refusal, Sahoo went ahead to donate some money to Patra via Google Pay as a token of his appreciation. This is really a great gesture in today’s times, and Sahoo went further through another tweet asking his followers to do the same if they are encountered with a similar situation. In fact, users were generous enough to ask for Jagannath’s GPay number and send him cash to help out with his finances.

Even though Jagannath did not ask for money, it is delightful to see how more and more individuals show their appreciation for the working community.

Users were definitely proud of Jagganath, and so are we!

It was also fascinating to see how this incident came to Ola Support’s purview on Twitter. Sahoo shared his booking ID and ensured that Ola was also aware of this gem of a person working in their company. The brand thanked Sahoo for his feedback and appreciated him taking out time to shed light on this incident.

Would you have done the same?

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