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Holi 2020 Advertising Showcase: A Display Of Best Campaigns

| Published on March 12, 2020

The beauty of advertising is that a large audience can be targeted just through a few words or an interactive creative. Nowadays, advertisers follow a minimalist approach to address consumers. The message is direct and is made sure to be loud and clear for the audience to understand and empathize, more often than not. In the same fashion, the festivity of Holika Dahan or Holi painted the country not just in colors but through the idea of tactful advertising campaigns by various brands.

Best campaign Picks for Holi 2020

We have collated some of the best campaigns around Holi that garner awareness around the issue of wasting water, unsafe measures and to stay healthy despite the festivity taking place. Some of them are listed below:

Livepure: #BinaPaaniHoliManani

A child’s curiosity picks the conscience of the audience in this pure advertisement by Livpure. Their campaign targets celebrating the festival without the use of colors and water which is strongly brought out by the #BinaPaaniHoliManani. In this video, the children are seen telling the address not to play with water balloons as an adequate amount of water gets wasted for no rhyme or reason.

FBB- #BuraNaKhelo

The #BuraNaKhelo campaign by fbb- India’s fashion hub, featuring Digital star Mithila Palkar narrated the inner feelings of a woman during Holi.

Fanta: #NoBahanaHoli

The popular beverage company Fanta sees actress Sara Ali Khan urges teenagers to rid themselves of their mind blocks and enjoy growing up without any inhibitions. The #NoBahanaHoli encourages young adults to reduce their excuses and ‘do’ things if they wish to. Check out this fun advertising campaign below

Indian Oil: #RangEkPehchaanAnek

Indian Oil shows how every color is associated with the different traditions and rituals of the Indian culture. Their campaign is called #RangEkPehchaanAnek

Nykaa: #ColorMeFree

India’s favorite cosmetic brand Nykaa urges young girls to grow up without any insecurity for their skin tones. It is okay to have skin of any color and girls should showcase their skin tones with pride. In this fun music video featuring Dee MC, the brand features this unapologetic #ColorMeFree campaign.

It is an appreciative move taken forward by such brands to help everyone in the country and beyond celebrate Holi with their loved ones. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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