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H&M Launches 24-Hours Suit Rental Service Free For Job Seekers

| Published on April 28, 2021

Brands have always tried their best to appeal to the youth in the best way possible. The youth is said to be the future of the world. And their collective opinion about a brand can make a huge difference.

The most crucial part for any youngster is to find a job that would help them take the first step towards their career. There are many things that go into giving that one interview. From a well-drafted resume to self-confidence, people make sure everything looks professional and perfect. But the one thing many of us have struggled with is to be able to afford the right outfit to wear. Something that would leave an impression.

It seems that H&M has decided to come forward to help the youth of today. H&M is debuting a free 24-hour suit rental service in the U.K. and U.S. where jobseekers rent a suit free of charge.

H&M has launched a campaign, “ONE/SECOND/SUIT” that says that the first impressions make a difference in job interviews.

webpage for the service in the U.K. is currently active and reads, “First impressions open doors. Walk tall into your next job interview with the ONE/SECOND/SUIT. 24 hours free suit hire from H&M.”

Ever since the brand has announced the campaign on 15 April, people have been talking about it on the internet, applauding the step taken by H&M.

The campaign mainly went viral after the London shopper started spotting H&M’s campaign of ‘ONE/SECOND/SUIT’ on store windows. They have been sharing photos online creating a buzz on the internet.

As reported by Fox Business, to get ahold of a ‘ONE/SECOND/SUIT’, jobseekers can reserve their suit and schedule a free delivery online through H&M YouCanBook.Me portal.

At the moment, there is only one suit available which is a navy blue jacket, trousers but includes a tie, a white shirt, and a red pocket square. The suit is available from XS to XXL size range. Once an order is put through, the suit will be delivered to the jobseeker’s address on the date they chose.

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