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Hindustan Unilever’s New Campaign Talks About Water Pollution In The Best Manner

| Published on December 25, 2018

Water Pollution has become a big problem in India. The issue is warning more for the villages as they need water for the production of food through farming. To improve the scenario we see campaigns from popular brands time to time but most of them get neglected and ignored as public always seeks for fresh and innovative content.

Villagers may not be aware of shower as their first instinct is looking for clean pure drinking water. On the other hand, people living in metro cities waste water while bathing daily. The thirst of villagers in the middle of the desert shows water actually means for them.

The smile on the woman’s face after getting to see water sums up the ad perfectly. For those who have to daily walk kilometers to get water know the value of this natural resource and to those living in cities it is just another liquid. The meaning of last line he last line “Mare adhe gaon ne pani pilia par seher wale ka nahana khatam nhi hua !” is very deep. Here’s the complete video ad we are talking about:

Hindustan Unilever has targeted Indian audience with Cause Marketing in past also. The company knows that there is a lot more in marketing than just praising about your own products or defaming others. Also, such initiatives help brands to form a strong emotional bond with their potential customers who are living in small districts and towns.


Most brands tend to forget that a large of India’s population still lives in rural areas and they should strategise campaigns according to that.

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