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Hindustan Pencils Did Something Special To Make A Mother Feel Happy

| Published on December 17, 2017

Most the people have the habit of using the right hand for doing daily tasks including writing, eating, and playing games. But, there are some people who from their childhood feel comfortable in using left hand as the primary one. When Shweta Singh, mother of a 4-year old daughter got to know about the problems her child is facing just because of being a lefty, she decided to inform Hindustan Pencils about making stationary for left-handed kids.


Hindustan Pencils was quick to reply to this and they did it in an awesome way. One of the officials from the company even called her and promised to help. Along with this, HP wrote a letter to Shweta which read “Although we do not have a regular production of left-hand sharpeners, however, through our R&D we are sending these five units of sharpeners exclusively made for children with left-handwriting skills,”

“We are working on a regular production of these sharpeners and will be glad to connect with you once we release them in the market,” the stationary brand added.

Shweta Singh shared the letter sent by HP on her Facebook account. You can read her post below:

We can guess how good she would have felt after getting such a nice reply from one the most popular stationary brand of India. HP has won many hearts for doing this and twitter is loving this.
A ray of sunshine in our bleak and callous times.

Superb brand work! Kudos, Hindustan Pencils

Wow… that’s thoughtful customer service.

The power of feedback!!

Other companies should learn from this and take the feedback from their customers seriously.

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