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Hilarious Reaction By Indian Entrepreneur’s Father Leaves Netizens In Splits

| Published on May 30, 2022

When desi kids need appreciation, one can ably trust their parents to be laid back and not be really articulate in acknowledging them, even if their kid has featured in a Forbes list.

Harish Uthayakumar was recently featured in the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30, for his entrepreneurial achievements. He co-found Bluelearn, the country’s largest student community that provides a platform for students to learn new skills, increase their network, and also apply for internships.

Hilarious Reaction By Indian Entrepreneur's Father Leaves Netizens In Splits

But though he has been in the news for this super-achievement, he is in the news for another one too. And that is his dad’s reaction to his announcement of the same.

On receiving news of him being featured in the Forbes list for his commendable work, Harish shared the same with his father. He expected his father to jump with joy, and some praise would definitely be appreciated. But all he got from him, are two-thumbs-up emojis.

Harish posted a screenshot of his conversation with his dad which looked like this.

This relatable conversation has people laughing their hearts out, with so many comments on various social networking sites.

Netizens are calling it the ‘peak dad behavior’. This has garnered more than 1500 likes and more people are coming forward, sharing their experiences in like situations. People are giving some of the most hilarious reactions in response to this conversation.

Looks like Harish’s achievements made his father famous too!

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