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Hike Sticker Chat Gives Perfect Reply To Zomato’s Coded Content Trend

| Published on July 29, 2019

Twitter has become a great tool for advertising as online users always keep an eye on the trending topics and what brands are doing on them. The most popular brands are the ones which spread their message using funny ideas and Hike is one of such names.

What makes us say this is that Hike has been the topic of talk in the last few weeks due to its creative stickers for every trending situation and now the brand is winning social media marketing with interactive replies on Twitter.

Recently, Zomato started a new trend on Twitter by writing a post in the binary coding.

In English, Zomato’s tweet means “Tea Break”

Seeing the response, other brands including Godrej Cinthol, Comicstaan came up with funny replies to Zomato.

When translated it says, “It’s shower time”

When converted it says, “Chalo”

In the race of grabbing attention of online users, Hike won the whole situation by smartly promoting their stickers by decoding the tweets of Zomato and Comicstaan with their stickers:

For Zomato

For Comicstaan

This not only helped in the promotion of Hike stickers but also saved the time of online users to search and decode tweets of Zomato and Comicstaan

The fact that every brand was copying Zomato’s coding trend and Hike did something unique by putting use of stickers in such situations makes us praise Hike for their presence of mind and quick action.

These days, it is very difficult to stay relatable and advertise in a way that it doesn’t look promotion and Hike did exactly the same.

Moment Marketing at its best, right? Let us know your views on this in the comment section.

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