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Checkout The Top 10 Highest-Paid CEOs In India In FY23

The fiscal year 2022-23 has witnessed the stellar performance of several CEOs, propelling them to the zenith of success.

| Published on December 17, 2023

In the dynamic outlook of corporate India, success often translates into not just business growth but also substantial financial rewards for its leaders. The fiscal year 2023 witnessed an impressive lineup of CEOs who not only steered their companies to new heights but also secured top spots in the list of the highest-paid executives.

As they continue to shape the corporate landscape, their influence and compensation underscore their pivotal roles in driving India’s economic growth.

Let’s know the elite club of CEOs who commanded both influence and significant compensation during this period.

1. Wipro – Thierry Delaporte


Leading the pack is Thierry Delaporte, the helmsman of Wipro. His strategic vision and leadership have not only driven the company’s success but also secured his position as the highest-paid CEO in India for FY23.

2. Poonawalla Fincorp – Abhay Bhutada

Abhay Bhutada, at the helm of Poonawalla Fincorp, clinched the second spot with his adept management, contributing to the company’s financial prosperity and earning a commendable compensation.

3. Persistent Systems – Sandeep Kalra

Sandeep Kalra, steering Persistent Systems, earned his place in the top three with his noteworthy contributions to the company’s growth and innovation, reflecting in his compensation for FY23.

4. Mphasis – Nitin Rakesh

Nitin Rakesh’s leadership at Mphasis secured the fourth spot, a testament to his role in driving the company’s success and financial performance during the fiscal year.

5. Infosys – Salil Parekh

Salil Parekh, guiding Infosys, stands as a prominent figure in the list, showcasing both influential leadership and a substantial compensation package for his role in steering Infosys to new heights.

6. Hindalco – Satish Pai

Satish Pai’s adept leadership at Hindalco, one of the key players in the metals industry, secured him the sixth spot among the highest-paid CEOs in India for FY23.

7. L&T – SN Subrahmanyan

SN Subrahmanyan’s leadership at L&T, a powerhouse in the engineering and construction sector, earned him a significant spot in the top echelons of highest-paid CEOs.

8. Coforge – Sudhir Singh

Sudhir Singh’s role at Coforge, a leading IT solutions provider, reflects in his compensation, securing him a notable position in the list of highest-paid CEOs for the fiscal year.

9. Tech Mahindra – CP Gurnani

CP Gurnani, steering Tech Mahindra, stands tall in the list, exemplifying his leadership and strategic contributions that have propelled the company’s success.

10. TCS – Rajesh Gopinathan & HCL Tech – C Vijayakumar

Rajesh Gopinathan of TCS and C Vijayakumar of HCL Tech share the tenth spot, showcasing their impactful leadership in steering their respective companies and earning commendable compensation.

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