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Here’s Why Ranveer Singh Has Been Replaced With Aamir Khan As Vivo’s Brand Ambassador

| Published on March 28, 2018

Celebrities are seen as a great way of promotion for brands. Bollywood actors get so much money for featuring in ads of popular companies. Ranveer Singh was endorsing products of Chinese smartphone brand Vivo from years but now, the company has changed its brand ambassador replacing Ranveer with Aamir Khan.

Why Aamir Khan over Ranveer Singh?


Ranveer Singh helped Vivo to grow in recent years, and it is seen as a surprising move by the smartphone maker. There can be multiple reasons for this and the credibility with the matured image of Aamir seems to have worked in his favour. Vivo wants to target working people in the country and Aamir is a better choice as Ranveer is popular in the youth mainly.

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The founder and CEO of Vivo, Saurabh Uboweja revealed his thoughts about this in an interview and said:

“They are really going to target the upper-middle and the higher-end phones segment. As a result, they have cut down on a lot of retailers who are in the lower end of the market. They have cut down things as far as business is concerned in India. Because they are moving more towards the premium side of the business, which means they must establish a more premium side of the business. Somewhere Aamir Khan comes across as brand ambassador who is probably more aligned with that image as compared to Ranveer.”

Effect of competitors


Vivo has been facing tough competition from other rival brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung. Xiaomi has succeeded in capturing Indian market in a very short period of time. This probably is making Vivo change its target audience as maintaining profits is very important for the brand to continue its working.

Experts believe that high priced phones are mostly purchased by working population of the country and it is a big mistake for any company to ignore them. Top brands such as Samsung, Oppo, One Plus, Sony Xperia, HTC are retaining their place in the smartphone market due to flagships phones.

Success of Dangal & Secret Superstar in China


Aamir is known for trying new things for increasing business of movies. He released Dangal and Secret Superstar in China and these movies got a great response from the audience. Dangal made Rs 1,200 crore while Secret Superstar was able to earn a collection of over Rs 750 crore in China. Aamir is now more popular than any other Indian celebrity if we talk about the China region.

New Advertising campaign from Vivo feauturing Aamir Khan

Vivo has released its new ad for the V9 handset and is recieving positive comments from the viewers. Aamir can be seen as a family man in this video which is very different from the personality Ranveer has. You can watch the complete ad below:

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