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Here’s Why Swiggy Trended On Twitter Recently

| Published on December 4, 2020

The last week of November had mixed emotions for all Indians. While there was a lot going on in the country, popular food delivery app, Swiggy, found itself in a bit of a flux. A parody account created for Nirmala Sitharam had a tweet that mentioned the recent Farmer’s Protest in Delhi. The thread had a convo between two friends who argued that they weren’t dependent on the farmers for their food. They can order from Swiggy instead. Swiggy’s reply to this tweet landed the company in trouble. Check this out.

Swiggy had taken a stand for the farmers, owing to the new Farmer’s Bill detailing that without the farmers, there would be no crops cultivated which would not enable anyone in the country to procure food. This is basic education covered during your school years, which Swiggy smartly phrased by saying that they cannot refund education. Unfortunately, trolls took it to heart and #BoycottSwiggy started trending.

This followed after several other reputed brands were trolled this year due to a comment, advertisement or more. These were the reactions of a few of the Twitter users.

Some other users commented on the situation after observing a recent pattern with not just Swiggy, but other brands since the last few months.

As a brand who was brought into the conversation, a reply seems fit. However, some would argue that this could have been avoided had Swiggy never commented at all. Do you think Swiggy’s stance on this situation was required? Do you support their stance to offer a befitting reply to the meme account?

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