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Here’s Why Pringles Released A Limited-Edition Flavor, Gets Bids Of Rs 40,000

| Published on March 22, 2021

Food and beverage companies are known to introduce new flavors in their product range in order to maintain a customer base. In fact, with new editions, these companies aim at creating a larger impact than earlier. However, Pringles has recently announced a new flavor of its crisps which no one can eat but still is going viral.

Earlier this week, Pringles announced the release of a limited-edition flavor that it’s calling CryptoCrisp. This snack will not be available at any grocery store like the regular ones. All 50 packages of the new flavor only exist as NFT artwork, and they’re being auctioned off exclusively on the Rarible platform.

The company introduced its “limited-edition virtual flavor,” CryptoCrisp, in social media posts it shared on Wednesday.

A media representative for Pringles told Fox News over email that the art depicts the ‘CryptoCrisp Flavored Pringles’ can, and is an original, one-of-a-kind design by the artist Vasya Kolotusha. The series has 50 limited edition versions of the packaging design on an NFT marketplace, making this ‘flavor’ which only exists online available for purchase.

As per the company, all proceeds from sales of this limited edition go directly to the artist and is available exclusively as an NFT for auction on their Rarible marketplace.

Even though the latest chips by the famous brand are inedible, it could not discourage its loyal customers to buy the latest flavor for themselves. Soon after the launch, the company was completely sold out of its limited digital inventory.

The starting price for the artwork was originally set for $2, the average price for a Pringles can in store, according to the company’s spokesperson. However, bids on Rarible have gone up to $539.74 as of Thursday evening as per Fox News.

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