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Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Allow All Movie Characters To Use IPhones

| Published on August 3, 2021

In a video interview with Vanity Fair, director Rian Johnson suggested that the tech giant, Apple doesn’t like having villains in movies using an iPhone. And that the company has many strict policies when it comes to showcasing its mobile phones elsewhere too. Although we have definitely seen an iPhone on-screen, the brand is very particular that the product is not being used by any villain and that it stays only with the “good guys”.

This particularly came into the limelight when the director of Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi said that all characters in the movie settle for an Andriod and not an iPhone since they are all murder suspects and it would reflect poorly. The interview talks about all intricacies that go into which characters gets an Apple iPhone.

The most obvious reason for this would be that Apple isn’t quite okay with having its products portrayed in a negative light and thus does not allow the villains or the bad guys in any movie to use Apple iPhones. The products must be portrayed in a manner that befits Apple Inc and does not portray the brand negatively in any way possible. An earlier instance noticed in a similar context was when in the show, ’24’, the bad guys were shown using Windows PCs while the good ones used Macbooks.

So the next time you want to figure out if the guy is actually a bad one or not in the movie, just pay heed to the brand of the electronic products they are using and you’ll know if you’ve caught him already.

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