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Here’s How Vadodara Police Is Giving Road Safety Lessons Using Priya Varrier’s Wink

| Published on March 24, 2018

We all know the way Priya Varrier broke all the records of popularity on social media. She gained millions of fans in a matter of days. The case of Priya’s success is a perfect example which shows the power of social media.

Road accidents kill hundreds of people in India every day and the major reason for accidents is the lack of awareness among drivers. The youth of country feels cool in breaking traffic rules and giving proper knowledge about road accidents in an interactive way can solve the issue as social media plays a big role in changing minds of Indians.


The Vadodara police has come up with an interesting campaign by which the authority wants to raise awareness on safe driving and choosing the winking girl seems to be a great initiative. The ad has picturised Priya’s wink and has written on it which reads “Drive carefully, without distraction.” And unsurprisingly, police’s cheeky “accidents happen in the wink of an eye #TrafficEkSanskar”.
This campaign is getting a huge response and already is viral on social media networks including Facebook and Instagram. Below is the post that we are writing about:

Earlier Mumbai and Bangaluru police alsoi did similar campaigns in which they used trending topics to increase awareness of road safety among driveres and now Vadodara police has followed them perfectly.


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Talking about Priya Varrrier, she became an online sensation after a song from her debut movie Oru Adaar Love went viral on the internet helping the girl to become national crush. Other government authorities should learn from this and make changes for country’s safety on roads. Here are some more amazing social media posts from Vadodara police to raise road safety awareness among youth of country:

On selfie lovers

On using phones while driving

On helmet haters

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