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Here’s Why Trivago’s Abhinav Kumar Get’s Featured In Second Campaign Even After Backlashes

| Published on August 22, 2017

No doubt we can love him or hate him but can never ignore him. Do you watch television and YouTube videos? Then surely you must have seen a man popping up on your screen and saying, ” Kya Aapne Kabhi Online Hotel Search Kiya Hai?” He became an internet sensation featuring in several trolls and memes.

But who is he? He is Abhinav Kumar Trivago’s country development head (India). Trivago cast the man cause they wanted a next door figure to feature in their campaign. But his unusual voice tone and body language kept people wondering who the person can be? And why even Trivago has decided to make him their face?

But that was not the last time. It came on for the second time and this time the crowd got more furious and even the big advertisement professionals too criticized it.

that some marketing strategy being applied by Trivago?

“We are measuring all outcomes of the campaign and whenever we see a downfall in traffic or affinity towards the brand, we will replace the face of Trivago India. We have done that in the past in other regions. It’s not like I’ll remain the face of the brand just because I am the country head.” answered Kumar.

Trivago’s revenue has gone up by 68% to 268 million in the first quarter this year corresponding to the same period last year. The revenue comes from three regions namely America, developed Europe, and Rest of the World. India comes in the rest of the world region, though the rise in revenue shows an upliftment, still India’spercentagecan’t be counted.

According to Kumar, their previous campaign became stagnant and so they had to come up with something new methods and brought up the second one.

But Kumar takes this trolls in a positive way and that is what makes him stand out. People to have noticed that he actually reverts back to the trolls posted on social media.

“I now get long messages from people, who couldn’t stand me earlier, confessing they’ve had a change of heart. A troll told me I’m the only Indian who doesn’t get offended by memes,” he concluded.

But must applause the marketing strategy taken by them!

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