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Here’s The List Of Top 10 Highest Sold Smartphones of 2018

| Published on May 3, 2019

In the era of technology, the competition is at its peak. It’s almost like a month back the concept of front camera originated, and today, we have a phone with three cameras, keeping aside the front camera. Mobile phones have always been an integral part of our lives, just as you read this article on your smartphone.

Every year a new series of smartphones are launched by different brands, but only a few excites the common mass. So let us check out the global top 10 best-selling smartphone models of 2018.

1. Apple iPhone X

This name needs no introduction. The technology of Apple has always brought something innovative and iPhone X was no alien. iPhone X launch disrupted the whole international smartphone market and people went crazy for it.

2. Apple iPhone 8

Another smartphone model of Apple which was able to prove itself to get to the second rank in 2018. The successor of iPhone 7 with less features than iPhone X and had a single camera only.

3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

The better version of iPhone 8 also proved itself but couldn’t manage to get over iPhone 8’s popularity. Though this model had two rear cameras and had better features including display size, it’s price difference might have made it rank third in the list.

4. Apple iPhone 7

Another Apple product. Though this was launched in the year 2016, it still stands tall in this list because of its reduction in price after the launch of iPhone X. This defines how both price and quality matters to the common mass.

5. Xiaomi Redmi 5A

No smartphone list can end without a Xiaomi product. This 2018, Redmi 5A was able to touch people’s heart and thus, stood on the 5th spot. The price made this phone affordable for everyone.

6. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung smartphones are known for its efficiency with great features and when it comes to the famous S-series, no other android smartphone can beat it. No doubt it has been mentioned in this list.

7. Apple iPhone XS Max

Apple products are the best. The better version of iPhone X was expected to be in this list with better display features and more.

8. Apple iPhone XR

Once again, an Apple product. 2018 has been surely a successful year for Apple. The smaller version of iPhone X has also proved to be popular among the common mass.

9. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

S9’s bigger version is also here in the list. Samsung’s S series were truly able to prove itself last year.

10. Samsung Galaxy J6

Not only the S-Series but the J6 model also proved to be a best-seller. Samsung had a great year in 2018 too when we talk about the popularity of smartphones.

Looking at the list, we can surely say that Apple has been crowned the winner in 2018. Its products were able to influence the common mass and that’s why, it is known as the best.

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