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Here’s How Royal Enfield Became The Top-Selling Big Bike In The World

| Published on January 25, 2019

From China to United States to Europe, one Indian name that never loses its grand position is the Royal Enfield, all credits goes to the rapid growth of 1.32 billion domestic population along with the huge wide road building programs in India.

The Beginning..

This name has its primary existence since the year 1895 as the riffle of the British colonial army and by the time India gained its independence in 1947, this name started getting popularity as the first motorcycle brand from 1949 which also boasts to be the official motorcycle of the Indian police force and Indian army.

India’s soring sales for two-wheelers.

Dating back to when two-wheelers used to be the most affordable and ideal choices for meeting vast distances, this company used to serve as the first motorcycle supplier as the only Indian motorcycle brand. With sales of over 17 million motorcycles, as noted in the year 2016-17, India’s domestic motorcycle market is taking an increasing share as the market matures giving the most space to the larger capacity “luxury” classes.

The other names in the industry

Apart from Royal Enfield the other names those emerged between the capacities of 100cc to 125cc are the Splendor, Passion, and Glamor, perhaps to compete with the beast, but the Royal Enfield continued to recreate the success story every time. With an enormous financial stability and growth, this brand looks up to produce 900,000 motorcycles in the coming year to meet the demand and emerge as a leader in the market.

Yes, a leader with a number of followers too. Quite a few new and emerging brands who are trying to get a closer look with the Enfields and trying to get ideas from the retro beauty yet stylish Enfields.

Market follows the leader

Let me name a few MNC motorcycle companies who wish to see an evolution in the market graph. The Bajaj and triumphs, a tie up between Indian Bajaj and British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph, Bajaj and KMT, a tie-up of India’s Bajaj and Austria’s KMT, TVS, and BMW Motorrad, a tie-up of India’s TVS and Germany’s BMW Motorrad. Mahindra and Peugeot. All of these might have different strategies for its growth but the same moto, that is, to reach the number one position, where the Royal Enfield is sitting for years from now.

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