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Here’s The Reason Why 2019 iPhones Can Make Anand Mahindra & Other Apple Fans ‘Unhappy’

| Published on February 14, 2019

Apple is recognized as the most respected brand in the world. Since ages, Apple has been a perfect example of achieving success through customer loyalty. It develops a strong relationship with customers and then uses its power of brand and connection with customers to sell additional products and services. But this time, Apple may lose its loyalty with its so called marketing strategy to boost accessory sales.

What are the drawbacks of the new arrivals of Apple devices in 2019?

1. No Lightening connecter.

Later this January, a tweet by Anand Mahindra exclaimed his unhappiness about his new iPad, where he found that the lightening connecter was replaced by a Type-C port. He also said that he had to buy a new charger which doesn’t work with his iPhone and had to buy a new earphone too. A Type-C port is a six-year old technology and is now a universally adopted connector which is present in almost every Android phone that costs around Rs. 20000. An Apple user would not want Apple to carry such technology.

Moreover, rumours are that the most-awaited AirPods 2 will also have a Type-C port as well.

2. Managing multiple chargers for Apple devices.

Not only Mahindra, but Brain May, the guitarist of the rock band Queen, also expressed his frustration in an Instagram Post of managing multiple chargers for his different Apple devices.

It may be a fantastic business strategy of Apple to boost accessories sale. But from a customer’s point of view all they want is convenience – which has been one of the most crucial acumens, why once an Apple customer is most likely to stay forever. But lately, with this new strategy, Apple seems to be compromising with that as well.

Now, let us assume that due to brand loyalty, all the Apple fans digest the fact that the iPad has a Type-C connector. They are naturally expecting that the 2019 model of iPhone would have the same connector to make things easier. But according to the reports by 9to5Mac, the latest piece of rumour may make Mahindra, Brain May and many others lose their loyalty towards Apple. Rumours are that the 2019 model of iPhone will continue to have the lightening connector and not a Type-C port.

Apple may be the market ruler of brand loyalty, but it may just end up annoying quite a few of its loyal customers because of such a silly marketing strategy.

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