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Here’s Why One Plus Changed Its Marketing Strategy, No More Invites!

| Published on June 26, 2017

OnePlus is very new to the smartphone market . It is just a three year old Chinese smartphone maker that created much buzz when it was first launched. It’s features were thought enough to give a tight competition to the other competitors in the market. An affordable price rate along with sharp features helped OnePlus to grab the market soon with its slogan “Never Settle”

However, their strategy to launch the product was not such an easy way. For the first two launch they had invites for the willing consumers but in the third launch they have made the phone availablefor each and every person in the country.

One Plus Wasn’t Available For All?

OnePlus One and OnePlus Two were not available for every individual. They mut have been confident about their phone that made them take such a decision for creating invites. According to a source , the marketing strategists thought that by this idea they would know an estimate of how much buzz did their phone create in the market. They even got results, as there were one lakh applicants from which only 100 were selected to win a phone for $1

100 chances was not the end. These 100 people got to invite other three people and that’s how the chain was formed.

What Was The Buzz?

People had to register to OnePlus official site if they wished t grab the phone. They also were invited by other people who already got an invite. This marketing strategy created waves all around making this a successful venture.

Why They Adopted The Method?

1. Many critics and market researchers eyed this as a trick to attract people but OnePlus denied this fact by saying that since they were new to this market they wanted to know how many people where interested for their product to get an estimate.
2. This became a social event on whole. People started inviting others to buy this phone. Several contests were carried out on social platforms that made people go gaga about this new thing on market.

Why Did They Stop It ?

OnePlus sold around 1 million OnePlus One handsets by the end of 2014 despite only planning to sell around 50,000. By the end of 2015 they had just nearly missed the 1 million handset sold mark in just India for their OnePlus 2 handsets.

OnePlus has already established as a brand in market. Now it eyes for increasing its users from various platforms of India. For achieving this feat they can no more go back to that inviting strategy, they now have to make it available for every individual willing to grab these phones.

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