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Here’s What Limca Came Up With This Summer To Refresh People !

| Published on June 26, 2017

With the onset of summer every year, market comes up with new campaigns to attract the audience. Limca too did something similar. They started a new campaign ‘PHIR HO JAA SHURU’ which came with a new video.

Over the past years, Limca has been quiet innovative with its ad campaigns. It has always attracted its audience with unexpected ideas and ever-to-remember tags. Some of their previous ventures worth mentioning are ‘Pyaas Badhao’ campaign featuring brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor , ‘Limca jahaan, recharge wahaan’ and ‘Limca waali Pyaas’.

What’s The Video About

The new video is conceptualized by Leo Burnett. The video starts with a young lad who wakes up late by a phone call from his girlfriend. He has already a meeting set with her father at a party. Soon realizing the fact that he got late for it, he started making his way through huge crowd and traffic and fighting against the scorching heat. Though he reaches the venue in time, he discovers the waiter serving Limca wears similar clothes as his. To avoid the likely situation of his father-in-law mistaking him he first quenches his thirst with Limca and then goes forward changing his clothes. With this Limca is depicted as drink that rejuvenates and refreshes one and buils confidence to start over again.

What They Had To Say

Abhijit Datta, Director- Flavours, Coca-Cola India, said,

Limca is a great thirst quencher and refreshes you to take on new challenges in the everyday tournament of life. We often encounter detours and obstacles in our daily lives that can lead to physical and emotional exertion. The ad is a take on daily challenges. It is these moments of our everyday that Limca inspires us to reframe and just keep moving on. The new film will be launched on-air on the 1st of June and will also feature on digital.

Speaking about the same, RajDeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, added,

Phir ho ja Shuru is about not giving up, and starting all over again after a physically exhausting task. Apt for a brand like Limca, which is known to rejuvenate and recharge by quenching your thirst. Our new commercial is quirky and uses relatable humour to drive home the message. The film is high on energy and has a peppy Punjabi track, besides a twist in the end that will surely bring a smile on the viewer’s face. The brand has always positioned itself as a drink that provides freshness with its distinct lemon flavor that refreshes completely and therefore its ad campaigns also focus on attracting the consumers on same lines.with lotsof competitors in market, the brand looks on innovative creative marketing to grab the audience.

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