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Here’s Why Indians Are Quick To Switch Their Smartphones

| Published on August 16, 2018

Most of the Indians have the habit of changing their smartphones frequently and rate when compared with other countries is much higher. While there can be multiple reasons behind this, CyberMedia Research (CMR) has tried to reveal the answers and has made a report on this.

According to the study, 70% of smartphone users in India switched brands over the span of three months in Q2 2018. the main reason CMR reports show is that upgrade cycles have gotten shorter as technology is advancing very quickly plus people are getting smartphones are affordable prices which was not possible earlier.

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Top gainers and losers


It revealed over 200 million users switched their phones in 3 months and Xiaomi had the most to gain by providing the largest percentage (37%) of the smartphones that were replaced. Vivo also added 17.8% of the new devices followed by Oppo 16.3% and Itel 6.7%.


Micromax was the most replaced brand with a 41.2% decline of its devices in the market. Intex lost 11.6% of the market followed by HTC 5.5% and Karbonn 5.3%.

Reasons of this trend

  • Smartphone makers are releasing upgrades in shorter and shorter cycles.
  • The marketing strategies of most smartphone companies are based on the fact that consumers should have a phone with latest specifications.
  • Even flagship phones are upgrading quickly. Take the example of OnePlus 6, it was launched in May and the company is already set to launch the OnePlus 6T very soon.
  • Smartphones have become a status symbol for most of the Indians and they switch their phones to show-off that they are updated with the technology, no matter they know how to use the features provided in the latest upgrades.
  • Online shopping is increasing in India like never before and customers are getting great exchange offers which makes them switch phones very easily.
  • The 4G effect has created a new demand for switching phones as the rates have fallen down after the launch of Jio.

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