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2 minutes read

Here’s How You Can Avoid Traffic Fines If You Are Not Carrying Any Documents

| Published on September 7, 2019

The new Motor vehicles Amendment Bill has been applied from September 1st and since then, it is creating buzz all across the country. In most of the cases, riders have been fined for violating traffic rules for not carrying their documents.

Helping you learn from the mistakes of others, we are sharing what to do if you don’t have a habit of carrying documents.

The government has issued a notice to all the states to accept documents in digital format.  According to his, now you can carry digital copies of your documents and no one can fine you over that. However, by Digital copies we, don’t mean you need to click pictures of documents on your phone. You need to use the only valid alternative that’s via two applications DigiLocker and mParivahaan.

The best thing about these applications is that these are very to download and simple to use. Also, it is a safe way to secure your documents digitally which can be later used for verification as your Adhaar UIDAI number is linked with it.

So, register on these apps and upload your documents so that you can be saved from paying big fines. Drive safe and smart, don’t forget to carry your documents on your phone.

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