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Here’s How This Brand Increased Sales By 200% Using Misspelt Words on Amazon

| Published on March 20, 2019

If you are a marketer, you must have heard about the cases where silly spelling mistakes made brands lose millions of money and backlash on social media. But in today’s article, we are sharing a campaign that helped in growing sales by 200% using misspelled words from customers. Curious to know how? Read it below:


Racold, the Indian water heaters brand wanted to solve the problem of customers who face difficulties while looking to find the right product on e-commerce websites. To do that, the company associated with Ecommencify, WATConsult’s E-Commerce vertical team.

“The brief was very simple. The client wanted to increase sales of Racold water heaters on Amazon with minimum spends and thereby receive maximum returns. This on a regular scenario is a search ad campaign brief that all agencies and clients work on using some best practices,”

shared Provit Chemmani, Lead – Ecommencify, WATConsult.

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Knowing the common mistakes people do while writing a product was the main task. After observing, Ecommencify came to the fact that online users tend to misspell a word like ‘Geyser’ into multiple variations like ‘Gijar’, ‘Geezar’, ‘Geezara” etc. They focused on over 526 misspelled keywords to fulfill this additional demand of greater than 3.5 million searches over a quarter.

The reason

On finding the reason behind these mistakes, it was revealed that customers from tier 2 and 3 towns speak in a certain local way pronouncing even the English words using their local language. As a result, they type words as they speak which often leads to spelling mistakes.

Knowing all this, the company focussed on the misspelled words. This resulted in a return on the actual spend of 16 times and the team inserted these keywords into each and every product listing on Amazon ensuring long term benefits for Racold.

We have seen some websites using this strategy to get traffic from Google, but Racold and WATConsult made the most of this plan by focussing on Amazon.

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