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Here’s How Tata Motors Promoted Their SCVs With Creative Ads

| Published on July 19, 2023

India’s leading name in commercial vehicles, Tata Motors, recently introduced its small commercial vehicles (SCV) range and the response to this has been overwhelming. Along with attractive looks and amazing features, the video campaigns have played a crucial role in creating a buzz around the vehicles.

The range brought forth Tata Intra and Tata Yodha 2.0, both of which have been well-received throughout the country.

Leveraging various technical advantages and offerings, Tata Motors rolled out informative and engaging videos for the SCV range.

Let’s take a look at these videos and the response they received.

Tata Intra

With a large and wide loading area, that facilitates effortless cargo loading and unloading, the Tata Intra was introduced with a campaign that focussed on its durable and tough features adapted to suit all terrains with the tagline- Sab Kuch Uthaye, Har Din Jitaye.

Tata Intra, the country’s first compact truck’s campaign garnered 4.7mn views on YouTube.

Tata Yodha 2.0

Offering heavy duty performance with its fuel-efficient engine, the Yodha pickup offers superior suspension and promises lower total cost of ownership. One of the sturdiest and stylish pickups on roads, Tata Yodha 2.0 has the capacity of carrying a 2-ton payload to cater to bulky cargo with off roading capability.

All these strengths and features have been smartly highlighted in the by showing the trucks navigating rough terrains and giving a message- Nothing will stop with the sturdy, fast and perfect pickup Yodha 2.0

These ads are fun to watch and have the ability to create a recall value in the minds of viewers. With 23 million combined views, one can easily figure out that the campaign has been a successful one both in terms of numbers and creating an impact among the target customers.

All in all, the campaign has managed to tug at the right strings, showing both SCVs in the light of their features and usage. The makers used a subtle element of humour and rugged terrains where needed in the right manner.

What are your views about this campaign?

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