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Here’s How Maruti Suzuki Elevated The Valentine’s Day Experience With #CelerioLuckylnLove Campaign

| Published on February 22, 2024

Imagine spending hours planning how to celebrate Valentine’s Day only to end up with some boring activities. This year, Maruti Suzuki Celerio came to the rescue for such problems with a fun digital campaign.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with some refreshing and engaging activities can help strengthen the connection between partners. With the same aim, Maruti Suzuki recently launched a campaign called #CelerioLuckylnLove to help couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with exciting, youthful experiences. The brand went a level ahead to curate a memorable experience for its consumers and their loved ones.

Crafted around the core belief to provide a fun, immersive and interactive experience, here’s how the #CelerioLuckylnLove campaign created a buzz during this Valentine’s season. Have a look:

Celerio Lucky In Love Game

Here’s How Maruti Suzuki Elevated The Valentine’s Day Experience With #CelerioLuckylnLove Campaign

As an extension of its core values of being stylish and urban, the brand leveraged the popular slot machine game and developed a game that suggested some unique plans with a fun V-Day spin.

Acing The CGI Game

CGI has become the go-to medium for brands to express their creativity. Hoping on the trend, Maruti Suzuki showered love across cities during the Valentine’s season with this attention-grabbing video.

Exciting Gift Hampers

By sending their entries as per the rules, the players of the Celerio Lucky In Love game also got a chance to win an exclusive gift hamper worth Rs. 10,000! To win these hampers, users just had to follow some simple steps and do the suggested V-Day activity and post their game results along with a picture from their date on Instagram.

The user-friendly approach of this contest became a great touchpoint for users to simply participate and celebrate the V-Day with some fun activities.

The Result

With 100+ entries and people talking about it all around the internet, the campaign has been a huge success. With all these activities, Maruti Suzuki Celerio has given us a perfect example of how to immerse users digitally and indulge them in an exciting and engaging way.

Overall, the campaign has helped the brand build a strong connection with its consumers by creating moments for people to celebrate love with some memorable experiences.

Did you take part in #CelerioLuckyInLove campaign? Share your experience in the comments section.

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