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Here’s How Indian Brands Are Promoting Themselves Using Election Themed Campaigns

| Published on April 19, 2019

The world’s largest democracy, India, is busy with it’s General Elections and the political parties are busy campaigning themselves, not leaving a single chance to impress the common mass. But this Election season, are the political parties the only group trying to campaign themselves or there are some other biggies playing the election-game strong? Let’s find out!

Brands are definitely not in any mood to let go of this ‘election’ opportunity to position themselves as responsible brands, spread awareness and ultimately spread their good name.

The ‘Election’ theme of the Brands

This election season a number of brands have used the “right to vote” as the theme to urge to the common mass to vote this election season, obliquely, trying to impress their customers alongside advertising their products.

An article published on India Today, last week reported that microblogging platform Twitter recorded 45.6 million tweets related to the Lok Sabha elections from March 11, 2019 (the day the election dates were announced) to April 11, 2019.

Here’s a list of some campaigns that truly impressed the common masses with their personalized ‘election’ Ad campaigns:

1. Times Now

The voter-welfare initiative by the English News Channel, “Swachh Neta” advises the mass to do a thorough background check before voting for any candidate.

2. Castro Activ

The automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing brand used the title – #NonStopDemocracy – for its marketing campaign to set against the backdrop of the ongoing Indian general elections.

3. MXPlayer

The video player brand with the title – #ElectionsOnMX – showcases Indian Elections as the biggest theatrical drama in the world.

4. KFC

The popular fast food brand is trying to attract customers with its new tagline – Be Finger linkin’ this election!

5. Instamojo

Instamojo announced its IAMMSME campaign to encourage MSME players in the country.

6. Comedy Central

The American pay television channel used the tagline – “Are you a Chooser or a Loser?” – urging viewers to understand the importance of their vote.

7. Swiggy

The food-delivery brand with its “#VoteKaroPhirSwiggyKaro” campaign, ensure delivery partners vote in order to win ‘Swiggy Smiles’ reward points.

8. Samsonite

With the campaign tagline – Let’s travel to vote, the company offers a day’s paid leave to its staffs to go back to their hometown and vote.

9. MTV India

The television channel reminds the common mass that democracy is a privilege, via the tagline – #VoteBecauseYouCan.

We need to admit that brands have unveiled there ‘best’ creative side to promote and educate the masses. This should and must be appreciated, so much so that every other brand should turn on their ‘election’ mode and ultimately the common masses are aware of the irreplaceable value of each of their vote.

And, all of you, don’t forget to cast your vote, we are responsible to build our nation.

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